Watch this beautifully disgusting liver fluke parasite explore man’s innards

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Enlarge / These are the only worms we’ll welcome (and if you want ’em flat, you can smash ’em). If you want to see a large image of the flatworm in this story, however, here you go. (credit: Photo OP / Getty Images)

Doctors in California found a throng of flatworm parasites overrunning a man’s innards—and they caught one of the little beasts on a horrifying video.

The case began innocently enough: a 40-year-old man arrived at an emergency room complaining of fatigue that had progressively gotten worse over a three-month period.

Doctors ran blood tests that determined the man was anemic. They also found that he had high levels of white blood cells called eosinophils, which usually indicate an infection or some other type of disease. Last, they noted elevated alkaline phosphatase levels, which can be a sign of liver trouble.

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