Report says the Galaxy Note 20 is “significantly bigger” than the Note 10

After launching the Galaxy S20 early in the year, the next big flagship for Samsung is the Galaxy Note 20, which is expected to launch in an online-only event sometime in August. For an early look at the phone, we have CAD-based renders from Pigtou and xleaks7.

The design is exactly what you would expect from Samsung: a device that is very close to the Galaxy S20 Ultra, but a bit more blocky. Xleaks7 warns the design isn’t completely finalized yet, but the front design doesn’t really change at all, with an all-screen front and a center camera hole punch in the top of the display. The back adopts the S20 Ultra’s giant camera block design, with several lenses.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra talked a big talk with a “100x” camera zoom, but in reality, it only had a 5x optical zoom camera. It took cropping, AI upscaling, and a boatload of shameless marking hype to hit “100x.” As you can probably imagine, turning a 5x zoom lens into 100x did not work very well, and if you got anywhere close to max zoom level, it turned your photos into unrecognizable mush. For the Note 20, the word from plugged-in Samsung leaker IceUniverse is that the 100x zoom will be axed from the Note 20. All the Android manufacturers pick from the same parts bins, and most companies with the same zoom camera setup as Samsung have only called it a “30x” zoom.

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