Ranked: Every Ticket to Ride map

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You may have played one of the most successful titles in tabletop gaming, Ticket to Ride. But have you tried all of the game’s expansions and standalone spinoffs? These additions introduce new boards and rules that tweak the basic format of drawing train cards and then placing trains to connect cities across each map with the goal of connecting more distant cities so you can complete Destination Tickets for more points.

I’ve counted 17 different maps so far (not counting Japan and Italy, which will be released in Europe at Spiel 2019 in late October and worldwide in January 2020. Also, the Märklin map is no longer available and won’t be included in this exercise). That’s a lot for anyone to digest. So to help any Ticket to Ride faithful looking to expand, Ars has compiled this overview—along with my personal ranking—of all existing maps, some of which are also available in the wonderful mobile app version of the game. And if something below doesn’t quite ride for you, let us know your favorites maps in the comments.

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