Meet the community still obsessing over Mass Effect 2 10 years later

Is Mass Effect 2 the series’ golden goose or its ugly duckling? As the game passes its 10th anniversary this year, the debate rages on. Many space cadets recall their time with the game through a lens of utmost fondness, while others contend its status as the most detached and defunct entry in BioWare’s illustrious trilogy (Andromeda, for all its pluses and minuses, is usually not part of the same discussion).

Regardless, a decade after its release, folks from all walks of life cling to Mass Effect 2 and the events surrounding it like a vice grip, continuing to invest time, effort, and money in the maintenance of their interest long after BioWare announced its plans to discontinue the series indefinitely.

Space dress-up

Cosplayer Felicia “spacelioncosplay” Neely cites the characters and “epic story” as the elements of Mass Effect she initially gravitated toward. “BioWare has the ability to write these wonderfully complex and thought-provoking characters that surprise us with their relatability, inspire us with their actions, and sometimes divide us and break our hearts in the end,” she tells me. “You cannot help but fall more in love with them during each replay—especially Garrus, hey!”

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