British Microsoft, Nintendo hacker given 18 month sentence

Enlarge (credit: Rural Learning Center)

Two men were given suspended prison sentences in a London court yesterday after entering guilty pleas to hacking charges that saw both Microsoft and Nintendo breached.

Zammis Clark, now 24, broke into a Microsoft server in early 2017 and for about three weeks had access to part of Microsoft’s network. He copied some 43,000 files relating to as-yet unreleased versions of Windows, accumulating substantial information about build numbers, code names, and unreleased products. He subsequently shared access to the servers with others over IRC.

One of those others appeared alongside Clark in court: Thomas Hounsell, now 26, performed numerous searches for product information over a 17-day period. Until earlier this year, Hounsell operated BuildFeed, a site tracking internal Windows build numbers and releases, even those that were not made public.

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