Borderlands review bomb triggers Steam’s “off topic” fix [Updated]

[Update 10:30 p.m.: In a statement sent to Ars Technica just now, Valve’s Doug Lombardi says that “after a review of current review activity on Borderlands titles, the decision was made to tag the franchise for off-topic reviews on Steam, effective immediately. As a result, user reviews submitted while the titles are tagged will not count towards the games’ Review Scores. User reviews written during the tagged period will still be accessible and users can choose to include these reviews in the Review Score by changing their preferences.”

Steam reviews for Borderlands franchise games since April 2 are now shown in a histogram view with a large asterisk and the warning “Period(s) of off-topic review activity detected. Excluded from the Review Score (by default).” The “Recent Reviews “summaries for those games have also flipped from “Mixed” to “Very” or “Mostly Positive” as a result of the move.]

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