Bandersnatch: The spoiler-filled, choose-your-own-opinion review


After catching up on post-holiday news and emails, Ars staffers got together in our staff chat room to talk about Netflix’s weirdest one-off film yet: Bandersnatch, the Black Mirror “event” that launched on December 28. We’d all seen it, some alone and others in groups, and we all felt a mix of delight, confusion, and annoyance by the fact that it required us to grab our remotes and make choices throughout its 90-minute runtime. (Each choice leads to varying outcomes that range from minor to severe.)

Thanks to its interactive portions, we feel this Black Mirror film really is in the eye of its beholder, so we’re leaning into its “choose your own adventure” qualities and letting you do something similar with our review. Which opinion outcome would you like? The choice is yours… or maybe you have no choice. (Meaning, it’s a lot like Bandersnatch.)

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