Lego, Disney Team Up for 2,900 Piece Motorized Train Set

Lego and Disney have teamed up a few times before to create Lego versions of iconic Disneyland and Walt Disney World locations, but their latest offering takes that partnership a bit further.

The two entertainment giants on Tuesday revealed the Lego Disney Train and Station set, a $330, 2,925 piece collectible that not only faithfully recreates one of the parks’ most iconic landmarks, but also operates as a working toy train. The set goes on sale Sept. 1.

The set is part of Lego’s “Powered Up” line, using motors and sensors in the bricks to let fans build a device that doesn’t just sit there when they’re done, but is functional, adding a new level of playability. “(The train runs on an included oval track.)

While the working train is certainly new, the kit itself offers fans a chance to build a detailed recreation of the Disney train station, which greets visitors to Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom and, with the exception of Cinderella’s castle, is arguably one of the most iconic buildings in the parks.

The back of the set houses several rooms and five Lego Disney characters (Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Chip and Dale), for kids to play with.

Lego has been rolling out a number of high profile products lately, as the 2019 holiday shopping season draws near. Last month, it unveiled a new augmented reality-enhanced line of products called Lego Hidden Side and will also introduce a set based on the sitcom Friends in early September.

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