Game of Thrones Is No Longer the Most Pirated TV Show

Typically, Game of Thrones tops the annual list of the most pirated TV shows, but in 2018, it didn’t even make the cut .

The HBO series, which produced no new episodes last year, was not among the 10 most “torrented” shows, as compiled by TorrentFreak. In fact, the network had just one program on the list, coming in at number eight.

Instead, it’s AMC’s The Walking Dead that’s the most popular show among pirates.

Perhaps this year the Westeros’ faithful will put Game of Thrones back on top as the show enters its final season, despite the network’s increased security after 2017’s hacker incident. The premiere of the most recent season of Game of Thrones was pirated some 90 million times in 2017.

Here’s Bit Torrent’s 2018 ranking by total downloads:

1) The Walking Dead

2) The Flash

3) The Big Bang Theory

4) Vikings

5) Titans

6) Arrow

7) Supernatural

8) Westworld

9) Legends of Tomorrow

10) Suits

Four of those shows–Titans, Supernatural, Westworld and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow–are newcomers to the 2018 list.

Just as the traditional entertainment world has change in recent years, so too has piracy. Rather than downloading full episodes, many pirates prefer to now watch episodes on free streaming channels, which do not report viewing statistics. The Torrent list, however, is seen as good guide for what pirates are searching for online.