Fortune Gets a Bold Redesign, With User Experience in Mind

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This space is usually reserved for discussion on how businesses use design. But this time Fortune has some design news of its own.

This week we will launch a new website, mobile app, and video hub. We’ll also debut a bold redesign of Fortune’s print magazine, starting with the February issue.

The new website is the culmination of months of effort by Fortune’s digital team. We think you’ll find it quicker, cleaner, and easier to read and navigate.

The app, available for iOS and Android, will offer real-time feeds of Fortune articles, analysis, and videos—from print and digital alike—in a far more dynamic format than the magazine-only app that we’ve offered to date.

The video hub will bring you hundreds of hours of footage, including exclusive interviews with business leaders as well as access to thought-provoking sessions from our extensive conference portfolio (including, it must be said, Fortune Brainstorm Design).

As for the magazine, we’ll feature more stories in each issue and sport a completely new look, all published on premium paper stock.

In this newsletter, we often discuss user experience. Fortune’s aim with these changes is to deliver a dramatic improvement across the board. What won’t change: Our commitment to thorough reporting, sharp writing, thoughtful commentary, and exclusive access to the world’s leading executives, investors, and experts.

We hope you’ll like the new Fortune. But we also know good design combines smart prototyping with empathetic responses to user feedback. So send us yours. What do you like? What do you hate? What else can we do to make Fortune more valuable to you?

Before I go: In last week’s newsletter, I misstated the dates for our Brainstorm Design conference in Singapore. The correct dates are March 25 and 26. Check out the updated speaker list and register here.

More design news below.

Clay Chandler