Ryan Edwards to Tinder Match: You Wanna Do Some Coke?

Sigh. Well, folks, the “maybe Ryan Edwards isn’t such a terrible guy, after all” narrative was fun while it lasted.

As you probably know, Ryan got out of rehab last month after completing a 90-day course of treatment.

Those closest to the troubled Teen Mom OG star claimed he’d changed his ways, but it looks as though he’s already fallen back into his old habits.

Earlier this week, we learned that Ryan is once again using Tinder to try and cheat on Mackenzie Standifer.

And according to new screenshots obtained by Radar Online, he’s off the wagon and looking to get high with some of his hookup partners.

Here’s what we know about this sad situation so far:


1. A Familiar Pattern

This isn’t the first time that Ryan checked into rehab, emerged triumphant, and immediately went back to his old ways.

2. Ryan’s Hope

Ryan edwards and family
Family and friends had hoped this time would be different. It was the longest Edwards had ever remained in treatment, and his wife recently gave birth to a baby boy.

3. Squandered Potential

Ryan edwards mug shot new
They hoped sobriety would make Ryan a better husband and father and keep him out of trouble with the law.

4. No Magic Bullet

Ryan edwards mackenzie standifer
Sadly, rehab doesn’t always result in sobriety, and sobriety doesn’t always make former addicts more trustworthy or responsible.

5. A Troubled Man

Ryan edwards on teen mom reunion
Obviously, Ryan’s heroin addiction and the legal problems that resulted from it are the biggest obstacles in his life — but he has a lot of other demons to conquer, as well.

6. Lyin’ Ryan

Ryan edwards and mackenzie standifer selfie
Though they’ve been married less than two years, Ryan has been caught cheating on Mackenzie on numerous occasions.

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